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 VALSESIA MUSICA International competition 2017

Valsesia Musica International Competition

former Viotti-Valsesia International Competition

member of AAF (Alink-Argerich Foundation) since 2004

In      1981   Franco   Fuselli,   Ermanno   Tiramani,   president   of Varallo    Sesia    Tourist    Agency,        and    Joseph        Robbone,      founder      and      artistic      director   of   “G.B.   Viotti”   international competition   in   Vercelli,   created   in   Varallo      Viotti   Valsesia,   a new   international   piano   competition,   in   order   to   highlight young     talented     pianists     and     to     promote     tourism     in Valsesia.   After   Joseph   Robbone’s   death,   “Valsesia   Musica” association   was   founded   to   provide   the   competition   with an     efficient     organizing     committee.     In     1990     Vincenzo Balzani   became   artistic   director   and   he   boosted   the   contest changing   the   repertory   and   including   the   final   round   with orchestra.   Later   further   sections   have   been   added:   voice (1993),    junior    (1997),    violin    and    orchestra    (1998)    so    the competition,   whose   name   changed   to   Valsesia      Musica   in 2000,   has   grown   in   popularity   among   music   lovers.   High- level   laureates   as   the   pianists:   Giuseppe   Andaloro,   Olivier Cazal,   Ian   Fountain,   Igor   Kamenz,   Jura   Margulis,   Antonio Pompa   -   Baldi,   Sergei   Tarasov   and   Chloe   Jiyeong   Mun;   the singers:   Walter   Fraccaro   and   Sun   Xiu   Wei;   the   violinists: Antal   Szalai,   Nikita   Borisoglebsky,   Fedor   Rudin,   Francesca Dego,    Anna    Tifu,    Edoardo    Zosi    and    Sayaka    Shoji    also demonstrate     the     worldwide     fame     of     Valsesia     Musica Competition   in   the   international   music   context.   These   great achievements   are   due   to   a   proficient   organizing   staff,   to   a large   number   of   friends,   to   a   few   entrepreneurs   and   above all    of    to    the    fundamental    support    of        public    bodies (Piedmont    region,    the    provinces    of    Biella,    Novara    and Vercelli,      Vercelli      Chamber      of      Commerce,      Valsesia Mountain      Community,      many      municipalities      spread throughout   Valsesia)   and   foundations   as:   “Compagnia   di San   Paolo”,   “CRT”,   ”Cassa   di   Risparmio   di   Vercelli”,   “BPN per   il   territorio”.      Last   but   not   the   least   the   important   role of     the     juries     must     be     mentioned:     Marcello     Abbado, Sulamita    Aronovsky,    Vincenzo    Balzani,    Carlo    Bergonzi, Arturo   Bonucci,   Renato   Bruson,   Giovanna   Canetti,   Roberto Cappello,    Luciano    Chailly,    Fiorenza    Cossotto,    Marcella Crudeli,   Lya   De   Barberiis,   Sergei   Dorensky,   Maria   Golia, Romano    Gandolfi,    Eugen    Indjic,    Shuku    Iwasaki,    Sergej Krylov,   Massimo   Marin,   Bruno   Mezzena,   Jean   Micault,   Rita Orlandi    Malaspina,    Rolando    Panerai,    Giacinto    Prandelli, Luciana   Serra,   Tiziano   Severini,   Eliodoro   Sollima,   Alfredo Speranza,   Hubert   Stuppner,   Giorgio   Vidusso,   are   only   a few    of    the    illustrious    musicians    who    have    served    as members   of   the   panels   of   Valsesia   Musica   competition   over the years.                             Vincenzo Balzani
“Music is one of the noblest acts of love human beings can give one another.” Antonio Pistarà
Official Grand Piano Kawai Associazione Culturale VALSESIA MUSICA
33rd Valsesia Musica International Competition Violin and Orchestra 26 - 30 May  2017 Voice 17 - 21 October  2017
18th Valsesia Musica Juniores International Competition 28 April - 1 May  2017