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Violin and Orchestra Section

Repertory and Rounds Schedule Teatro Civico - Varallo (VC)
Sunday, 13th May 2018   10:00 a.m. Convocation,   documents   examination,   drawing   and   practising   with   the accompanist pianist. Monday, 14th May 2018/Tuesday, 15th May 2018 FIRST ROUND Candidates   will   perform,   with   a   pianist,   the   first   movement   of   a   violin concerto selected from the following list: J. S. Bach:  No.1 in A minor BWV 1041, No.2 in E major BWV 1042 L. van Beethoven:  D major Op.61 J. Brahms:  D major Op.77 M. Bruch:  No.1 in G minor Op.26 F. Mendelssohn:  E minor Op.64 W. A.   Mozart:      No.1   in   B   -   flat   major   K   207,   No.2   in   D   major   K   211,   No.3 in G major K 216, No.4 in D major K 218, No.5 in A major K 219 N. Paganini:  No.1 in D major Op.6, No.2 in B minor Op.7 S. Prokofiev:  No.2 in G minor Op.63 C. Saint - Saëns:  No.3 in B minor Op.61 J. Sibelius:  D minor op.47 P.I. Tchaikovsky:  D major Op.35 G.B. Viotti:  No.22  in A minor. Wednesday, 16th May 2018 Semi-finalists’ rehearsals with the accompanist pianist. Thursday, 17th May 2018 SECOND ROUND (Semi-final) Candidates   admitted   to   the   second   round   will   perform,   with   a   pianist, the second and the third movements of the violin concerto. Friday, 18th May 2018 FINAL ROUND WITH ORCHESTRA Candidates         admitted         to         the         final         round         will         perform         the        whole concerto  with  the  “Antonio Vivaldi”  Orchestra.
The    organizing    committee    will    provide    candidates    with    an accompanist    pianist:    private    accompanists    are    allowed    but    at total candidates’ charge.
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