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Associazione Culturale

Valsesia Musica

“Associazione    Culturale    Valsesia    Musica”    is    a    nonprofit association   whose   mission   is   organizing   free   concerts   to promote   music   and   to   improve   the   cultural   life   of   Valsesia, a mountain area situated far from the main cities. It    was    founded    in    Varallo    to    provide    the    homonymous competition,    formerly    known    as    “Viotti    –    Valsesia”    and created   in   1981   to   promote   tourism   and   to   highlight   young talented    pianists    as    well,    with    a    proficient    organizing committee needed by its growing international role. Valsesia   Musica   also   joined   “Alink-Argerich   Foundation” in 2004. As   the   statute   of   the   association   gives   equal   value   both   to tourism     and     culture,     Valsesia     Musica     must     also     be mentioned   as   one   of   the   best   tourist   promoters   of   the   area due to the economic benefits produced.
“…Relating to the current staff, Ermanno Tiramani stands out, the longtime vice president who has firmly believed in the competition since its very first editions. Thanks to him and to his own management skills Valsesia Musica has become more and more important over the years so everyone wishes Mr. Tiramani to keep this music dream alive…”
Official Grand Piano Kawai Associazione Culturale VALSESIA MUSICA

Franca Scaglia


Vincenzo Balzani

Artistic Director


Ermanno Tiramani

Vice President

Georgi Trendafiloff


Cristina Minazzoli


Piera Mazzone

Press officer

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