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Art.13 d.lgs 196/200, Italian Law

The    Italian    Data    Protection   Act    (D.Lgs.    196/2003)    compels    our   Association    “Associazione    Culturale    Valsesia Musica”   supply   some   information   referring   to   data   handling   of   data   related      to   people   or   third   parties   referring   to elaboration personal data, etc. Elaboration source and purpose of the data The personal data in our possess are directly collected from single parties for the association enterprises partners. Personal   data   are   dealt   in   strict   connection   with   our   association   everyday   activities   referring   to   connected   and instrumental   purposes;   with   purposes   connected   to   law,   regulation   and   EU   legislation   constraints,   with   functional purposes   regarding   our   activities   whom   you   can   agree   or   not   with   such   data   handling   purposes,   and   in   particular for the activities related to financial management, statistic, operating, marketing and promoting. Data handling formalities All    data    handling    activities    will    be    carried    out    adopting    suitable    facilities    to    guarantee    both    security    and confidentiality,   they   will   be   carried   out   with   both   paper   based   and   electronic   or   authomatized      tools,   in   order   to archive, manage and transmit those data. We   inform   you   that   your   data   will   be   processed   in   the   respect   of   the   security   measures   provided   by   the Italian and EU laws. Data handling will be carried out: in a lawful and ethical way; collected and recorded for explicit and legitimate purposes; exact and, if applicable, kept updated; appropriate, complete and not exceeding the purpose of the elaboration.   Third parties connected to the data handling activities We   inform   you   that   the   personal   data   object   of   the   present   policy,   could   eventually   be   communicated   to   third parties, in connection with our activities or functions that are fundamental to our activites, i.e.: to financial , social security and charitable authorities; to logistic operators or couriers and postal services; to other association with similar purposes to competition juries Your data will not be diffused Data subject’s rights We   also   inform   you   that   according   to   the   Art.7   of   the   Data   Protection   Act   the   data   subject   has   the   right   to   obtain confirmation   as   to   whether   or   not   his/her   personal   data   exist   and   communication   of   such   data   in   intelligible   form. The   data   subject   has   the   right   to   be   informed   of   the   source   of   the   personal   data   as   well   as   of   the   purposes   and   of the   methods   of   the   processing.   The   data   subject   has   also   the   right   to   get   erasure,   anonymization   or   blocking   of data    that    have    been    processed    unlawfully    as    well    as    updating,    rectification    or,    where    interested    therein, integration   of   the   data.   The   data   subject   has   the   right   to   object   ,   on   legitimate   grounds,   to   the   processing   of   his/her personal data. For any further information related to this policy please contact Associazione Culturale Valsesia Musica