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Competition Rules

Official Grand Piano Kawai Associazione Culturale VALSESIA MUSICA
1)   The      33rd   Valsesia   Musica   International   Competition   2017    is   open to candidates of all nationalities born on or after    1st January 1980 . 2) Candidates must send to 3)   Candidates   will   not   be   admitted   to   the   contest   unless   all   documents (point   2)   are   received.   The   entrance   fee   will   not   be   reimbursed   for   any reason, except in the cases mentioned at point 9 of the regulation. 4)   Before   the   first   round,   candidates   must   show   documents   proving their identity to the secretary of the contest. 5)   The   decisions   of   the   jury   are   final   and   not   subject   to   review   or appeal .    If    there    is    any    dispute    about    the    interpretation    of    the regulations, a decision will be taken on the basis of the Italian text. 6)   The   jury   into   equal   parts   can   divide   the   prizes.   The   members   of   the jury   may   also   decide   not   to   give   any   reward   if   they   deem   that   no candidate is worthy. 7)   All   the   rounds   are   open   to   the   public   and   all   the   performances   must be given by heart. 8)   The   competition   consists   of   three   rounds:   if   necessary   the   jury   may request competitors some additional performances. 9)   The   organizing   committee   may   cancel   one   or   more   sections   in   case   of too    few    entries.    Candidates    will    be    promptly    informed    and    the entrance fee will be refunded. 10)   The   program   order   of   the   rounds   will   be   drawn   by   lots   at   the convocation time. 11)   The   drawing   order   will   be   followed   in   all   rounds,   the   final   one excepted.   The   day   and   the   time   of   the   performance   will   be   decided   by the   secretariat.   The   order   of   appearance   in   the   final   will   be   determined by the jury. 12)   Candidates   must   fill   in   the   application   form   listing   their   program   in due order. 13)   In   the   eventuality   of   radio   or   television   productions,   audio   or   video recordings   of   the   tests   or   of   the   winners’   concerts,   the   participants   have no   right   to   advance   claims   or   financial   requests   to   the   producers   or transmitters. Participation implies the tacit consent of the above. 14)   The   prize-winners   of   Valsesia   Musica   International   Competition   pledge   that   in   the   future   they   will   use   the   title   actually   given   them   by the jury. Any abuse will be legally prosecuted. 15)   The   jury   is   made   up   of   renowned   Italian   and   foreign   artists   and critics.   Those   members   who   have   or   have   had,   during   the   two   years before   the   starting   date   of   the   competition,   didactic   relationships   with one   or   more   competitors,   must   retain   from   taking   part   in   the   discussion and      in      the      voting      during      the      above-mentioned      competitors’ examinations.   The   abstention   must   be   clearly   reported   in   the   minutes. During    the    first    meeting,    each    member    of    the    jury    must    sign    a statement    about    his/her    personal    situation    towards    the    participants with reference to the above. 16)   The   Law   Courts   of   Varallo   Sesia   have   the   right   to   deliberate   if   any controversy arises.
Associazione Culturale VALSESIA MUSICA corso Roma n°35 - C.P. n. 40 - I - 13019 Varallo (VC), Italy or to info@valsesiamusica.com   within (postmark deadline): Friday, 5th May 2017 (violin and orchestra) • Wednesday, 27th September 2017 (voice) the following documents: a) duly filled in  application form b) a photocopy of their  passport ; c) curriculum vitae  (in English); d) one recent photo  suitable for publicity purposes; e)   payment   of   €   100    as   entrance   fee   (free   of   any   charge)   by   bank transfer    (account    details    can    be    requested    from    the    secretariat writing   to   info@valsesiamusica.com)   or   by   postal   order   addressed to    Associazione    Culturale    Valsesia    Musica    -    corso    Roma,    35    - C.P.n.40 - 13019 Varallo (VC), Italy.