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Official Grand Piano Kawai Associazione Culturale VALSESIA MUSICA

18th Valsesia Musica Juniores

International Competition 2017

Monterosa - Kawai Prize


Piano, String instruments, Chamber Music
1)   The   18th   Valsesia   Musica   Juniores   International   Competition   2017   Monterosa   - Kawai Prize  is open to candidates of all nationalities. 2) Participants must send within    Monday, 3rd April 2017   to 3)   Candidates      will   not   be   admitted   to   the   contest   without   the   payment   of   the   entrance fee.   The   amount   is   non-refundable   except   for   what   mentioned   at   point   10   of   these regulations. 4)    Before    the    test    candidates    must    show    documents    proving    their    identity    to    the secretary of the competition. 5)  The decisions of the jury are final and not subject to review or appeal. 6) The jury can decide not to give any reward if they think that no candidate is worthy. 7) All rounds are open to the public. 8) The contest is divided into the following sections: 9)   The   winners   will   play   free   in   the   award-giving   concert.   A   refusal   will   involve   the cancellation of the award. 10)   The   organizing   committee   may   cancel   one   or   more   categories   if   there   are   very   few participants.    Candidates    will    be    promptly    informed    and    the    entrance    fee    will    be refunded. 11) Candidates must fill in the application form listing their program in due order. Section   II   -   Strings:   also   the   edition   of   each   composition   must   be   clearly   specified on   the   application   form.   An   accompanist   pianist   will   be   provided   upon   request,   in this   case   candidates’   application   must   enclose   copies   of   the   score   of   their   program. Private accompanists are allowed but at total candidates’ charge. Section III - Chamber Music: open to any Trio or Duo (two pianos duo excepted). 12)    The    participants    cannot    claim    any    fee    towards    producers    or    transmitters    for possible   recording   or   radio   or   TV   transmissions   or   in   disk   of   their   performances   at   the competition. Participation implies the tacit consent of the above. 13)   The   prize-winners   of   the   Valsesia   Musica   Juniores   International   Competition Monterosa   -   Kawai   Prize    pledge   that   in   the   future   they   will   use   the   title   actually   given by the jury. Every abuse will be legally prosecuted. 14)   The   jury   will   be   made   up   of   renowned   Italian   and   foreign   artists   and   critics.   The members can propose their students upon notice at the beginning of the competition. 15) For any controversy the Court of Varallo Sesia will be competent. 16)   If   there   is   dispute   about   the   interpretation   of   the   regulations,   the   valid   text   will   be the Italian one.

Competition rules

Application form Application form
Associazione Culturale VALSESIA MUSICA corso Roma, 35 - C.P. n.40 - 13019 Varallo Sesia (VC) - Italy or to info@valsesiamusica.com   the following documents: duly filled in  application form a photocopy of an  identity document certificate   of   their   musical   studies ,   if   the   candidates   take   private   lessons,   a statement   from   their   own   teacher   must   be   enclosed   (a   self-certification   or   a   short CV can be submitted) a recent  photo  (whichever size is allowed) a   receipt   of   payment    of   the   entrance   fee   (free   of   any   charge)   by   bank   transfer (account       details       can       be       requested       from       the       secretariat       writing       to info@valsesiamusica.com)   or   by   postal   order   addressed   to   Associazione   Culturale Valsesia Musica - corso Roma, 35 - C.P.n.40 - 13019 Varallo (VC), Italy.
Section I : Piano solo Section II : String instruments Section III:  Chamber Music (Trio, Duo: Piano duet -4 hands- included) Sections I  and II  are divided into the following categories: Category A : candidates born on or after  1st January 2008 Category B : candidates born on or after  1st January 2006 Category C : candidates born on or after  1st January 2004 Category D : candidates born on or after  1st January 2001 Category E : candidates born on or after  1st January 1998 Category F : candidates born on or after  1st January 1994 Section III  is divided into the following categories: Category A:  up to the age of 16 * Category B : up to the age of 20 * Category C : up to the age of 24 * *   the   age   is   counted   adding   each   member’s   age   and   dividing   the   total   by   the   number of ensemble members.
ENTRANCE FEES Sections I and  II : Categories A, B, C € 60 Categories D, E, F € 80 Section III : Category A € 40 per each member Category B € 50 per each member Category C € 60 per each member